Workflow and deployment of core modules

Efficiently configure editing and publishing processes

The workflow and development core module (WDCM) offers extensive functions for mapping company-specific editing and publication processes. The multi-staged release of content and the time-controlled publication of pre-prepared content are made viable by functions such as the FirstSpirit workflow module and the FirstSpirit task manager governing task generation.

Our analysis has found that a shared range of functions relating to editing processes can be deduced from the numerous projects accomplished using FirstSpirit – and that this range of tasks ought to be realised in each and every project. Amongst these are processes such as the release of content as a result of an application of the four-eyes principle or the direct release of such content in many task lists. This is equally true of the prioritised publication of important content, or partial publication possibilities for companies with larger web presences.

adesso has thus developed a workflow and deployment core for this cluster of functions; this can form a basis for the development of solutions to project-specific requirements. Alongside reusable core functions, the core includes interface points permitting the individual enhancement of selected features, for instance specialist release criteria.

The module has already been put in place on many FirstSpirit platforms and is continually being enhanced. Development periods of workflows and the deployment of site features can be drastically reduced through application of the module. Additionally, developers are provided with an expansive list of functionalities. These assist in dramatically reducing the number of development tasks and the costs that go along with them.

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