Social Media meets content management

Social media has by now become an important element of companies’ communications strategies. It offers a large number of possibilities for direct and cost-effective communication with your target group. Due to the fact that the Facebook and Twitter user numbers are constantly on the rise, a large fraction of target groups can be reached via these networks. As a result, there is huge potential to win customers and strengthen existing customer loyalty. To take advantage of this potential, a social media strategy is necessary – and this must include picking the right tools.

adesso has developed a new FirstSpirit module for the direct and comfortable publication of FirstSpirit content in social networks: SocialNetworking. Using the module, it is possible to publish information taken from selected passages and data sources directly on Facebook or Twitter. The editor can gain an immediate overview as to the status of publications on the social media channels chosen using content selection tools when he or she is picking content. The SocialNetworking Publisher currently supports content publication on the social media channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with the integration of further channels, such as Google+, in the planning stages.

The SocialNetworking Publisher was developed as a web application which can be used standalone but may also be integrated in existing software solutions like content management systems.

Inform yourself about our SocialNetworking solution, and our services for the integration of social media web components into your web presence.


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