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Supporting the Development of the Core System iskv_21

The BITMARCK SOFTWARE GmbH (formerly ISKV GmbH), a subsidiary of BITMARCK holding, is a joint venture of several public health insurance companies. It develops and operates substantial information systems for more than 300 health insurance companies. The core system currently in operation is being used by around 27.000 users to administrate approx. 19 million insurants. The current system is to be replaced by the new development "iskv_21c".

“adesso gives us extensive support in unerringly pushing a complicated project forward by utilizing the innovative approach of the Model Driven Architecture.”

Christoph Herbst, Project Development iskv_21c

In the project 21c BITMARCK SOFTWARE GmbH and adesso utilize several innovative and efficiency-enhancing approaches. One essential feature of the project is the decision for a „Model Driven Architecture“ (MDA). The goal of this approach is to generate several parts of the developed program-code automatically. The basis are models which follow the UML standard and simplify the communication between the users, but are most of all easier to modify in case of changing requirements during the implementation.

Another fact to be emphasized is that the application development accesses a framework which is also being developed in the 21C project. This framework provides general and often needed base functionalities to accelerate the development of the application for the public health insurance companies. The result is that the application development is covered by the underlying technology and thereby is able to fully concentrate on the necessary correlations.


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