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Optimisation of the Lead Management

Cortal Consors, a company of BNP Paribas, is a leading European direct bank for private financial investments and online trading. The direct bank offers a broad package of investment products and services to over 1.1 million customers in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Luxemburg. During the last years, Cortal Consors Germany has transformed from a mere online discount broker into a leading direct bank with consulting services. Particularly, the business in the unit “Selection” grows tremendously and is characterised by different, historically grown distribution channels. Thus, it was necessary to build up consistent structures, which allow for future growth. For this, Cortal Consors relied on the IT expertise of adesso.

“Our partner adesso developed convincing results within a very short time: They have not only analysed our actual status well-grounded, but also developed a precise technical concept, which we could realise immediately. With this, we reduced our administration efforts tremendously, we accelerated our consulting processes to an average of 30% and we are able to serve our customers more accurately. We feel well prepared for further growth now.”

Michael Bosse, Head of CRM in the Division Consulting Select

The adesso experts for distribution systems supported the direct bank in standardising a grown coexistence of different systems, in order to immediately provide prospective customers with appropriate agents. As a result, Cortal Consors was able to increase the efficiency in the business of existing clients and prospects. adesso yielded long-term experiences in finance and insurance sectors as well as a distinguished expertise in process modeling and implementation to the project.

The biggest challenge was to set up an effective lead management. While winning leads had already worked well, the actual processing of leads by non-synced distribution mechanisms and a non-existent overall access, incl. tracking, stagnated. This resulted in an overprovision of single consulting teams, while other teams had not been supplied at all or only insufficiently.

The IT consultants of adesso AG were tasked with analysing the existing infrastructure and with evaluating the different systems. The project’s goal was to assign leads from various sources, like online or phone requests and personal interviews, as automated as possible and to allocate them to the proper Cortal Consors experts, according to the client’s requirements. Moreover, integration into lead tracking and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) had to be provided. In a next step, this integration allowed to reduce lead times, to generate distribution impetus and to allocate leads equally among the consulting teams by using standardised escalation mechanisms.

First of all, the adesso experts designed an ideal process example, together with the contact persons in charge of Cortal Consors. This process was intended to be future-proven in order to satisfy the entitled services and the expected growth. adesso developed a concept with exact suggestions on implementation based on the existing systems in order to improve the lead management and moreover, to reduce the reaction time. The IT and process experts of Cortal Consors were supported by adesso consultants during the implementation.


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