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Medical Risk Assessment by Telephone Interview

Conducting risk assessment by telephone interview is one of the new trends in the life insurance business. Several re-insurers are backing this by offering advice on processes and providing relevant systems and services. adesso works with various partners in this area and has extensive experience in modelling the underlying processes, designing and implementing IT systems required in call centres and integrating sales systems of direct insurers.

Telephone interviews or tele-underwriting initially result in an interruption of the sales process, which has to be supported as efficiently as possible, for example by the agent immediately arranging an appointment for a phone call or by the data being transferred automatically to the call centre. Arrangements must be in place for ironing out any glitches in the process such as a phone interview failing to be held as previously arranged. The agent and the insurance company have to know the exact status of the process at all times and must be aware of any problems which may have arisen. This requires IT support tailored to the respective process and the systems which are used must be networked effectively.


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