IT Support in Claims Assessment

Workflow Optimization in Personal Insurance Processes

Most companies do still organize their claims assessment in the field of the personal and disability insurance without any IT supported processes while it is possible to easily simplify and accelerate such workflows and make them evaluable by the help of technical support.

IT supported workflows facilitate the creation of standardized documents, for example questionnaires for insurants and doctors which are specified for each occupation. Moreover, workflows based on technical support allow an accurate control of timetables and dates, e.g. after dispatching questionnaires, and for managing reminders and follow-up dates. IT processes do also facilitate the documentation of claims and the statistical evaluation of return and processing times. It is also possible to generate reports and statistics of all examined claims without any efforts.

Above that, portal solutions which enable insurants and doctors to answer questions directly can be implemented. Expert systems allow questions being designed in certain logical schemas and predefined decisions being added. adesso has long-term experience in the field of implementing claims portals.

adesso is also very much skilled in supporting claims assessment processes and supports reinsurance companies, i.e. in placing service products. Moreover, adesso gives advice in selecting suitable IT systems for your company.

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