The High-Performance Content Management System

The media industry has to rapidly adapt to the changing market situations. Contents and services have to be provided in realtime. Moreover, a large amount of articles, pictures, surveys and other media elements has to be administered and controlled efficiently (teaser management) on news platforms.

A massive template technology ensures customised forms of presentation and makes it possible that the content is also presented in paper form or on mobile end-devices. Graphics and files for the customer download are transferred into the integrated media administration, database information is integrated and modifications to navigation structures take place within a split second. A graphic user surface, which is intuitive and easy to operate, saves training expenditure and ensures the quick operational readiness of FirstSpirit. As a result an integration platform will be provided which supports company-specifically modelled workflows, and which aggregates data, thus offering the highest security and comfort possible for coping with recurring tasks.

* FirstSpirit his being developed and distributed by our subsidiary company e-Spirit (


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