Subscription Administration

Intelligent Solutions for Sales and Logistics Processes

adesso supports the sales and logistic processes of media companies with individually modulated concepts and implementations of systems for subscription administration. Solutions for call centers/outbound including CRM and software applications for media logistics (topology, routing, returns, delivery, key custody, etc.) functionally add the portfolio. adesso’s customers profit from the expertise of our industry-specific consultants as well as from a software development that is exactly tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Moreover, adesso integrates, if required, software components and standard modules in complex IT landscapes. System integration is a complex topic, especially in the sector of media, since existing system landscapes have been grown over years and are thus extremely heterogeneous.

In case of a necessary replacement of such systems due to economic or safety reasons, adesso takes over the complete or the step-by-step replacement („soft landing approach“) of legacy applications by integrating new solutions.


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