in|FOCUS Self Service

Innovative Technology for the Lottery Retail Outlet

in|FOCUS Self Service is the innovative lottery solution for the self-service purpose of lottery customers. The functions range from information offer (S2C) via the sales (B2C) to the business functions (S2B).

Self-service systems are well established in our everyday life. Today lotteries meet the self-service tendencies with innovative solutions. The advantage is that self-service systems allow ones to address new interest groups. This channel of communication shows only a minimal overlap with established channels (for example, lottery retail outlets or the internet).

For lotteries in|FOCUS Self Service provides an additional service within the lottery retail outlets. Alternatively, in|FOCUS Self Service acts as an independent outlet (e-PoS). Customers find the majority of their individual needs covered by using the Service-to-Consumer (S2C) function of in|FOCUS Self Service. Additional information (such as, for example, about special lottery draws, jackpots, quota and about the topic of addiction to gambling) supplements talks with employees at the lottery retail outlets.

e-PoS System in Direct Sales Activities

in|FOCUS Self Service additionally offers the possibility of directly participating in a game. As an e-PoS system it establishes the self-service channel in the direct sales to customers. in|FOCUS Self Service is, thus, given the task to interact with customers and to fulfil end device functions (e.g. payment functions). The customer, therefore, becomes a direct customer, so that in|FOCUS Self Service operates as a direct sales channel.

Service-to-Business (S2B) functions are offered for personnel in the lottery retail outlets These enable numerous administrative operations, from the retrieval of accounting entries, via the ordering of marketing materials, to the booking of staff training. For both lottery retail outlets as well as for lottery companies this equally entails the replacement of paper-bound processes.

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