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The Solution for Interactive and Mobile Instant Lotteries

Instant lotteries maintain a firm position in what retail outlets put on offer. This does not come as a surprise given the obvious advantages the games feature: they are interactive and easy to learn, and they have an excellent entertainment quality since the winning decision is immediately made.

With in|FOCUS Instant adesso provides a field-tested solution enabling lotteries to offer instant lotteries with an additionally higher degree of interaction together with the respective attractiveness deriving from yet more sales channels such as the internet, mobile end devices, self-service-terminals and/or iTV. The system comprises the entire portfolio, starting with the creation of lottery ticket series via the secure draw management to the administration of the winnings presentation. Thus the lottery attains with in|FOCUS Instant complete autonomy when introducing new instant lotteries.

Gaming Engine on the Highest Level

in|FOCUS Instant has been designed in such a way that an interaction between existing game portals and ERP-systems of various providers is possible without any problems. Hence it is possible to integrate functions such as payment transactions, lottery central system integration, and verification of identity and campaign management without any major effort.

The solution operates in the function of a Gaming Engine by complying with the highest security standards possible and by using hardware-based random and encrypting solutions. Are you also interested in our approved solution for instant lotteries? Inform yourself in more detail and contact us.


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