in|FOCUS 360

Successful Selling via Direct Channels to the Customer

State-licensed lotteries are keen to establish extended channels, apart from the traditional sales channels. For this reason the focus is particularly on direct channels to the customers; channels such as the internet, mobile phones and self-service terminals gain ever more significance. in|FOCUS 360 of adesso is a system for directly selling lottery products in online sales channels. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of a lottery company and supports the sales process of existing and new games due to a variety of functions.

The Basis for a Future-proof Sales Solution

in|FOCUS 360 as a platform unifies specifications such as customer centring, multi-channel ability and integration. in|FOCUS 360 thus defines the basis for a future-proof and expandable sales solutions. The concept of in|FOCUS 360 implies to set the customer in the centre of all processes. With this concept, in|FOCUS 360 has grown to a frequently used solution at various state-licensed lotteries across Europe –despite of the diverse political requirements in each county. Through continuous development and adjustment in|FOCUS 360 is guided by both statutory regulations and by the requirements imposed by the lottery companies.

in|FOCUS 360 is able to provide daily evidence of its ability of scaling due to its productive implementation in large and small lottery companies. The system offers the integration of external systems for processing dedicated functions such as payment transactions, lottery central system integration, verification of identity, ERP integration, and campaign management. The out-of-the-box system provides the integration of lottery central systems of all producers relevant on the market. Using alternative external systems is guaranteed by decoupling the interface processing.

in|FOCUS system Architecture

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Direct customers’ platform to promote sales and customer retention in lottery sector
in| FOCUS 360: Successful sales by means of direct route to customers
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