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Optimisation of Core Business Processes

The potentials of lottery companies lie in the implementation of IT-supported solutions for the offline core business processing, which can be exploited by introducing new systems supporting core business processes. Due to the fact that in most cases this requires a systematic replacement of the company software as well as of the technical network in the lottery retail outlets, these changes are of a company-strategic kind.

A high need for security and a historically grown modus operandi of the lottery companies lead to complex processes, whose analysis and process improvement open up a comprehensive optimisation potential. Modern and flexible online systems and the clear structure of their processes enable us to achieve an optimally increased use for our customers.

Transparency due to a Structured Process Analysis

adesso possesses comprehensive knowledge of the IT-supported implementation of the lottery business. We generate transparency by means of a structured process analysis, open up a procedural view of the demands and offer specific solutions. The business analysis is split up into the stages of “Inquiring about the process landscape”, the “actual analysis of the processes” and “elaborating on ideas of improvement”. We then use the results presented in the form of graphic process models to carry out a risk assessment in order to enable the lottery company to either consciously opt for or against a special proposal. Is business analysis a topic you are preoccupied with? Contact us. Our consultants look forward to giving you detailed information.


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Optimising Core Business Processes by Methodological Procedures
adesso Business Analysis

The introduction of software solutions for the support of core business processes has to precede a critical analysis of all running processes. Only a methodologic approach ensures that all potentials of a new solution can be used to full extend and lead to efficient and cost-saving processes. Optimise your business processes by using the adesso business analysis.

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