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Future-proof Solutions for Operational Processes

The transformation of public health insurers into modern service enterprises also requires the utilisation of the most up-to-date and adaptable technologies possible. The systems currently in operation at the majority of health insurance companies originated in the 1980s and have, by now, reached their limits. New approaches are only realisable to a limited extent through these outdated systems; additional requirements are constantly altering insurers’ various operational processes, which diverge amongst the individual insurers just as widely as the number of policyholders they serve. This situation demands future-proof solutions relating to portfolio management as well as to insurers’ direct interaction with policyholders. In this context, effective internal process control is gaining in significance and subjects like knowledge-based processing are of particular interest.

Service providers are also acknowledging that they are confronted with these challenges, because the number of IT-dependent treatment procedures is steadily increasing. The need for electronic interconnection and process integration amongst service providers is becoming more and more obvious due to current issues like referral controls and initiatives aimed at process organisation in the area of knowledge management.

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