Home Pensions Act

Need for Action due to the Home Pensions Act

The abolition of the governmental allowance for home buyers on 1 January 2006 led to a massive slump in the field of financing private property. Against the backdrop of this development, experts started working on the inclusion of home ownership in the so-called Riester pension plan. In the summer of 2008 this was materialized by introducing the Home Pensions Act, enabling people to use the savings made, according to Riester, in order to redeem a mortgage or to save it up for a building loan contract. This reform, however, implies massive consequences for the process environment.

It goes without saying that this reform goes hand in glove with an enormous potential for providers of property financing products, but marketing “Home Pensions Act”-contracts is only possible with the prompt availability of the necessary business processes and IT technologies. Completely new modules need to be considered such as, for example, the administration of bonus schemes for contracts concerning the financing of property, or even completely new processes such as a product change based on Riester inventory contracts with other providers. All in all the entire situation amounts to complex projects which have to be dealt with under enormous time pressure.

For this purpose adesso offers – together with the experts in financing building projects from Aequitas – a pre-conceptualised process model for effectively planning and introducing all necessary measures in connection with the Home Pensions Act (called “Wohnriester” in German).


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