Sales Systems & Partner Integration

More Success due to a More Efficient Sales Performance

A decrease in customer loyalty and the desire for integrated consultancy put banks under a considerable pressure to act. New competitors in the form of networking marketing, brokers and direct banks penetrate the market. Sales performance, therefore, has to be increased in a sustained way while achieving more cost efficiency at the same time. Apart from attracting new customers, the systematic processing of the customer base manifests an essential factor of success. A structured and comprehensive perspective on the customer, including all existing and open products and consultancies, forms the necessary basis. Partner products are thus required to be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems in order to enable customer processing free from media disruption.

The systematic management and control of sales activities must be deeply rooted in the defined processes and systems used and must also be transparent to the consultant at any time. Particularly the diversified sales channels put high demands on integrated IT-solutions. The objective is a uniform data base (supplemented by additional data, if necessary) paving the way for effective incentive systems. We like to support you in incorporating partner products and sales systems into the structure of your company. Get in touch with us.

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