Core Bank Processes

IT-supported Optimisation of Core Business Processes

The implementation of IT projects in the field of core bank processes puts high demands on the professional and technical know-how of all people involved in the project. Especially in view of the upcoming fundamental changes of the market, the actual challenges are not only to comply with the time schedule and budget, but also, and particularly, with the reliable functioning of all processes and procedures characterising the business.

Optimal implementation can also show a company’s competitive strength on the market and facilitate its special positioning, too. This is exactly why the focus is on effectively initiating the optimised business processes in an error-free new system landscape. This fact and the expected implementation of new requirements such as the MaRisk, reulation of financial markets and SEPA II, increase the demand on the IT of a bank or savings bank, which allows room for market potentials and the desired growth in the future due to gained flexibility. Our consultancy and implementation approach links already existing know-how with our specialist experience from the user’s perspective and thus generates special synergies.

Payment Transactions

Payment transaction processing is the traditional core business of banks and is nonetheless put under the enormous pressure of innovation. The introduction of SEPA entailed comprehensive modifications in the environment of payment transactions that led to the fact that in many transition areas technology and processes leaps manifested themselves. Here it is important to push forward the already running modernisation process within the organisation and the IT environment and, thus, to reduce error rates and costs by continuing to use standardised processes.

adesso contributes comprehensive experience in the area of process optimisation, the adjustment of construction organisations, the introduction of standards for payment transactions as well as in terms of IT solutions. From the conception to the migration and the operation of new payment transaction systems adesso is a preferred partner, creating the necessary basis for further growth.

Securities Business

The most important aspect of the securities business of the future is a continuously optimised processing of securities transactions, taking particular account of the requirements for a Straight-Through-Processing. In so doing, tendencies of standardisation based on modern XML-structures such as SWIFTML or ISO 15022 have to be considered.

Apart from technical competence, adesso has many years of experience with all kinds of process handling and with the parties involved in process handling and can - as a strategic partner of renowned banks and transaction institutes - give fresh impetus to the future orientation of the securities business. This is how paths can be opened up to reach the envisaged profit targets.

Credit Business

For years the optimisation of the credit business has been seen as a simple device for realising high potentials of cost reduction. However, the mere introduction of a standard software or the use of pre-fabricated modules can easily lead to the fact that cost optimisation prevents the necessary flexibility in designing products and shifting processes.

Hence, we support our customers in reorganising their credit business applying a holistic approach and thus facilitate the emergence of a new dimension in industrialising credit processes. On the basis of methodical approaches such as Six Sigma, the existing processes will be analysed and a continuous process monitoring will be introduced. All in all, this generates an increased process maturity coupled with real industrialised lending plus increased productivity. The increased transparency reduces lead times and, consequently, a higher performance reduces the unit costs of our customers without being in conflict with the company strategy.


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